Weekend in Charlotte

For our wedding anniversary this past October, we decided to do a quick weekend getaway in Charlotte, NC. Let’s see what all we got into…

During the summer, Gregory Alan Isakov announced a short tour during the fall with Patty Griffin. Noticing a tour date fell on our wedding anniversary, I decided to plan a weekend around seeing this show. This was also when Covid numbers were low and people were celebrating not having to wear masks anymore. Ah, the good ol’ days of those few weeks in the summer of ’21.

The concert was on Friday, October 8th at the Knight Theater in downtown Charlotte. We took Friday off from work and set out for the roughly 6-hour drive around 9 am. Then we proceeded to get stuck in traffic and steady downpours. There was a frantic search for a bathroom at one point. Let’s just say it wasn’t a fun drive.

My initial plan was for us to eat at the restaurant Pinky’s Westside Grill for our 11th wedding anniversary dinner.  And we did, but it was very rushed due to arriving a lot later than anticipated. I would like to go back to be able to enjoy it a little more.

This was a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I love funky restaurants like this, and they have an eclectic menu that included vegan hot dogs. Come on now. Right up my alley.

After our quick dinner, we checked into our hotel, the SpringHill Suites in uptown.  

The location was great, in that it was away from the hustle and bustle (and scooters) of N Tryon Street, but still just a few minutes walk away from everything.

Once we set our stuff down we walked to the Knight Theater for the concert.

The concert was fantastic by the way. If you haven’t heard of these artists, look them up! This was our second time seeing Gregory Alan Isakov, and I’m already stalking his concert dates hoping he comes to our area sometime soon.

The next day we walked to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which took no time at all from our hotel.

I know zero, zilch, nada about NASCAR, and really don’t intend to be a fan anytime soon. Gary was a fan many years ago, especially of driver Matt Kenseth, so he told me a bit about what we were seeing. I enjoy museums so it was fun even though it’s not a subject matter that I am super interested in.

When we got there we stood in a horrendously long line to fill out a questionnaire on computers along a wall. They snap your photo and ask questions like who your favorite driver is, etc. There are interactive screens around the exhibit and when your scan your card your photo will pop up. Which we enjoyed, obviously. 😀

I did the qualifying simulator of a race and pretty much killed myself and everyone else on the track when my car flipped over numerous times. This was practice for another simulator where you actually “raced” while in a real car, but we skipped that because the line was pretty long. We also didn’t do the pit crew thing, but it looked fun.

After a few hours there we went to Whole Foods. Ah, see Whole Foods is a vacation must for me if we’re near one since we live TWO HOURS from the nearest Whole Foods. We snacked on tofu and then set out to explore Charlotte again.

I knew the Hola! Festival was happening nearby, so we walked through the street festival for a few minutes.

And then we had dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s, because I am a Landry’s card member and I had a $25 birthday reward to use at one of their restaurants. Dinner was pretty good.

That evening we met a group in downtown Charlotte for the Beyond the Grave Tour with Carolina History and Haunts. This tour was so fun!

Our guide took us a few blocks around Charlotte and told us ghost stories from the area, along with some history of Charlotte. I enjoyed this so much and learned a lot about Charlotte. I would love to do more ghost/history tours in other cities as well.

This was our final hurrah in Charlotte, as we went straight home the next morning so we could pick up our dog on time.

I enjoyed our little weekend away and it was a great way to spend our anniversary.

December 5, 2021

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