Top 7 Reasons to Take a Cruise

It’s no startling revelation at this point to say that my wife and I are HUGE Disney fanatics.  If we’re away from the parks for more than a few months we start to get antsy and are itching to return.  But that’s not to say that we don’t enjoy doing other things as well.  And, in fact, our love of Disney lead us to one of our new passions:  CRUISING!

Our main motivation for our first cruise was because it was, surprise, a DISNEY cruise.  We were excited for all of the unique Disney experiences on board, but we probably weren’t prepared for how much we would like cruising in general.  I’d recommend taking a cruise, of any kind, to ALMOST anyone.  I say “almost” because let’s face it, if you don’t like water, or food, or have motion sickness, it’s just not going to be for you.

So, without further ado, here are my Top 7 reasons that you (yes, YOU) should go on a cruise vacation!


  1. They are all-inclusive

Well, for the most part.  There are always “extras” that you can buy, but, once you’ve paid off your cruise, everything you NEED is included.  Food, certain drinks, shows, activities, etc. are all part of the fun.  That’s not to say there aren’t a few things that are NOT included.  Sorry folks, if you want to indulge in alcohol you will need to buy a package for that, or buy your drinks individually.

  1. The FOOD

I touched on this a little bit in number 1.  While I don’t necessarily consider myself a “foodie”, I do LOVE to eat.  My wife and I go out to eat at least once every weekend and, to be honest, sometimes that’s what gets me through the work week!  Once you’re on board, you can eat pretty much ANY TIME YOU WANT.  It’s not Vegas, the buffets won’t be open ALL NIGHT, but from morning until late in the evening you’ll be able to randomly fill up a plate with about anything you can imagine.  Also included……nightly meals in the dining room for more specific and made-to-order cuisine.  Of course, there are even fancier restaurants you can book for a price, but you’ll definitely get your fill without having to add anything extra.

  1. The Activities

There is so much to do on a cruise that, sadly, you won’t have time to do it all.  On our Disney Cruise (which we’ll talk about more expansively on a future post), we saw three great Disney stage shows and even got to experience The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4-D!  On our more recent Royal Caribbean cruise we got to see comedians, professional ice skaters and a magic show!  But that’s not all.  My wife and I spent more time than we’d care to admit in the karaoke booth and watching other people sing actual karaoke.  We didn’t have enough of the beverages mentioned at the end of number 1 to muster the courage to do that ourselves.  Among other things, we played miniature golf, attended an art auction, my wife did a rock climbing wall, we almost won Rock and Roll Trivia, mostly thanks to her and for the most obscure activity of all, we attended a napkin folding class.  You might be good to skip that last one, though.


  1. Ports of Call

Though there are usually a fair number of sea days on a cruise (which vary depending on the cruise length), there are also fun destinations included in each voyage.  For our Disney cruise we ran a 5k on their private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, then spent some time on their “adults only” beach looking at, and swimming in, some of the clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen.  On our Royal Caribbean cruise we visited St. Maarten and St. Thomas.  Before our first cruise neither of us had been to a foreign country.  Now we can say we’ve been to 4 countries just like that!

  1. Shopping

Again, everything you NEED is included in the cost of your cruise.  But what about the stuff you don’t need?  The stuff you simply, WANT.  Every cruise ship is conveniently decked out with any indulgences your heart may desire.  Whether it be cruise specific trinkets, jewelry, clothes, you name it, it’s all there for you.  You can even go ahead and book your next cruise.  Convenient, huh?

  1. Beautiful scenery

One of my favorite songs, “Valerie”, by the incomparable Amy Winehouse, starts out “Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water.”  After being on multiple cruises I see the benefit of that.  Staring into the wide open water is as beautiful as it is calming.  And while the other scenery you stumble upon will depend largely on where your ship is headed, you’re almost certain to see some gorgeous landscapes.  We had friends who recently took a trip to Alaska, and the things they saw were every bit as lovely as those on any tropical island.

  1. The Price

We all like a deal, right?! In terms of “bang for your buck”, I’m not sure you can do any better than a cruise.  This brings us back a little bit to the “all-inclusive” aspect of cruises mentioned in number 1.  I defy you to find any other trip or vacation where you can cover your lodging, meals, and entertainment for a price cheaper than the ones you can find on most cruises.  Economically, it just makes sense!

Here are some pictures of some of our “cruising” adventures!

Is there anything we missed?  What do you most like about cruising?  Feel free to comment below!

September 20, 2017

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