Souvenir Shopping: Disney Artwork

We don’t really buy as many souvenirs as we used to when we first started going to the Disney parks. These days we save for a splurge at the Character Warehouse outlet stores or just hit an Orlando-area Target or Walmart for a few things. One thing we will still spend money on, however, is Disney artwork.


The main store to find Disney art is The Art of Disney.  There is one at Disney Springs and also one at Epcot, near the front of the park. You can also find a lot of art sketches at the gift shop at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Most resort gift shops will have art that corresponds with the resort – for example Lilo and Stitch prints at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

The art that is displayed is on the expensive side, so we go to the bins and shelves that house the prints that are usually in the $40 range. We’ve also purchased sketches from Disney artists who draw it onsite. You can also watch an artist making a sketch when you visit The Art of Disney.

Park signs. I love these, but we haven’t bought any yet.

This is the area where the artist makes sketches. You can buy them framed (and some may include an embellishment, like a pin) or just pick one out of a bin. You can also request a custom-made one, which we’ve done too.

Okay, now let’s see our personal collection!

We’ve bought these over a few trips. (The Pluto bucket is there temporarily.) This wall is our ode to Disney couples (see- Pluto doesn’t belong, sorry, Pluto!). The 2 smaller framed items are postcards that we picked up at the Disney Co-Op in Disney Springs. The Hercules and Meg art on the shelf is actually a card I gave Gary that I bought on Etsy. They other figurines are salt and pepper shakers. Gary would say his favorite is the Donald and Daisy print, but I’m not sure I can pick a favorite from here.

We used to buy sketches more often, but then switched to the art prints. We bought Doctor Facilier already framed with the pin in the corner. He also cost more because he’s shaded in as well. The artist made the Meg sketch for us onsite, and we had him add the quote in. (“It’s been a real slice!”) We’ve tried to get other artists to add quotes after this and they’ve turned us down saying Disney doesn’t allow it anymore.

Further down the wall we have the original patriot, Sam the Eagle from the Muppets. This one we just liked while perusing a bin of sketches.

The Steamboat Willie sketch I had made during our first visit to Disneyland. I believe I got it at the WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney.

Here is our Tiki Bar/Trader Sams section of our family room with our Polynesian Mickey and Minnie print.

During our vacation this past November I decided to buy this Country Bears print for Gary’s birthday. While I was talking to the cast member at the The Art of Disney store, he mentioned that the artist was actually going to be there later that day and I could have it signed. We had plans and couldn’t be there then (besides I wanted it to be a surprise) so he helped me set it up where I could get it signed and mailed home for me. (We haven’t framed this one yet and it’s still in plastic.)

So this is our collection so far!

Who else loves shopping at The Art of Disney?

July 22, 2018

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