One Day in St. Augustine Florida

Since we go to Florida often, we like to do side trips from our main destination (which is usually Walt Disney World, of course). While Gary has been to St. Augustine before, I hadn’t. Since we knew someone who offered to let us borrow their vacation home for the night, St. Augustine became our side trip for our summer vacation this year. So…. St. Augustine, here we come!


Actually I lied. We spent 2 nights at the vacation house in St. Augustine, but really only one day where we explored the town. The first night was spent eating Mexican fast food and hanging out in the pool and hot tub. Which is how every vacation should begin in my book.

First stop was the lighthouse. I figured it was a part of any quintessential trip to St. Augustine. This is only the second lighthouse I’ve toured (the first being Bodie Island in North Carolina many many years ago) and Gary had never been to one. I’m not sure he’s dying to go lighthouse exploring again anytime soon, but we had a lot of fun spending some time here.

After buying some souvenirs in the gift shop, we headed to the oceanfront restaurant called The Reef. I chose this restaurant based solely on its location, as I knew we weren’t really going to be hanging out at the beach on this trip. We had to at least see the ocean, right?

The Reef turned out to be really, really good!

Gary got the award winning seafood chowder and seafood pasta. We split fried green tomatoes, and then I had this really interesting grilled cauliflower with risotto. Very tasty and we left extremely full!

Of course we had to walk out on the sand for a minute or two.

And then we immediately regretted not bringing our swimsuits and towels. Oh well.

After having some issues parking, we finally got settled and went into the Oldest Store Museum. It’s located next to other touristy places such as the Old Jail and near the Fountain of Youth. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg so I settled on us just visiting the Oldest Store because it looked kitschy and fun.

The gist is you are going shopping in the year 1908. Shopkeepers (actors) describe all the new gadgets and gizmos that have just hit the shelves. Yours truly got to demonstrate the state of the art corn shucker!

And we got free candy.

There were other gift shops and photo ops nearby so we wandered around a bit.

The door handles cracked me up.

After this we headed to the downtown area of St. Augustine. I really wanted to visit a cemetery, but the one we walked to was closed unfortunately. This photo was as close as I could get.

We ended up going into some gift shops but didn’t really buy anything. We also walked through a church for a few minutes.

After we wandered into the Governor’s House Museum, which was free, but about to close for the day.

And with that we headed back to the vacation house so we could have time to swim and have a few cocktails before bed.

The owners of the vacation home asked that I not post any photos of it on the blog. The house is located in a golf community and was quite nice. We hung out mostly in the kitchen area and the pool and hot tub in the backyard. The backyard also looked out onto a golf course. My lizard friends ran across the patio. Ah, I just love Florida so much.

And with that our time in St. Augustine came to an end. I’m looking forward to returning sometime in the near future though. We had a great time during our day in St. Augustine!

December 23, 2019

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