Visiting Gran Destino Tower and Dinner at Toledo

On our most recent trip we visited the brand new Grand Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We also go to dine at their restaurant Toledo Tapas, Steak, and Seafood. Let’s check it out!



Our first impressions? WOW. We loved it. Absolutely stunning.

The Gran Destino Tower is located at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, a resort that we stayed at in 2014 and thought was just meh. Beautiful resort in its own right, but in comparison of other Disney resorts, just not our thing. Out of all of the resorts we’ve stayed at I would have put Coronado Springs at the bottom, honestly. We had not been back to stay or even visit until our most recent trip in July.

Now when you first enter Coronado Springs the first thing you will see is the tower. In fact, everyone checks in at the tower whether you’re staying there or in the regular resort. Of course if you do online check-in you can skip the desk altogether. But if you need to visit the reception desk or concierge, you now do it inside of Gran Destino rather than the old check-in area in regular Coronado Springs.

Yes this is at Walt Disney World. And this is NOT a deluxe resort. This is a moderate, with pricing usually in the $200ish per night range. If you don’t want to stay here at least visit like we did. I honestly could have hung out here for hours. Just gorgeous.

We didn’t have drinks at the bar, but how awesome does this spot look? When we were here it was quiet and empty (it had only been open maybe 2 weeks?) but I can see this being a popular spot with adults and people at Coronado Springs for a convention.

So after oohing and ahhing over the lobby, we headed upstairs to have dinner at Toledo Tapas, Steaks, and Seafood.

But first we stopped to admire the view from the Dahlia Lounge. (Located next to Toledo.)

The view from the outside balcony is amazing. We stayed out here for at least 15 minutes, taking in all the sights around us. The first photo is Epcot with the Swan and Dolphin, the second is Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you should be able to make out the Tower of Terror.

I’m using an iPhone 6s Plus, this is about as good as it gets photo wise, 🙂

So finally, time to dine at Toledo! (By the way, it’s pronounced To-Lay-Do. Not like the Toledo in Ohio.) 😉

I took this photo from our table. It would have been nice to have been seated in this colorful main area, but at least I got a view of it. We were seated in a kind of bland section against the wall, and near a private dining room. (We saw a family having a meal there, not sure how you get or reserve that space.)

Later though, we got a view of Happily Ever After fireworks (almost typed in Wishes there!) It was cool to see, especially since I could see fireworks from the Epcot/Hollywood Studios areas from the windows on the other side of the restaurant. So honestly, from one spot, you could watch all of the fireworks shows from 3 parks at Walt Disney World. How cool is that?

But the views aren’t that great on the Magic Kingdom side. The windows had reflections of the other diners that disrupted the view. But still, I watched on from my table at Toledo.

So on to the food.  We had the dining plan, which got us an alcoholic drink, entree, and dessert.

Gary’s drink was the Gran Gin Tonic. I got a sweet wine from Spain and whose name escapes me at the moment. I enjoyed both! The gin drink was very unique. I would get that next time.

Our server was fantastic. She knew the menu like the back of her hand. When she told us about the Pintxos – small bites, I knew we should try one. They weren’t on the dining plan, but they were only a few bucks.

The one of the left was Gary’s, which I believe was the Salt Cod-stuffed Piquillo Peppers. Mine was the Valdeón Blue Cheese. I loved mine. I’d go back and get it again.

This was Gary’s entree. Can you spot the steak? It’s kind of hiding there.

I believe this is the Hangar Steak. Gary did enjoy this, but he honestly finished it in what seemed like 2 minutes too, ha. Interesting presentation in making it look like half of your food is missing too.

Okay. Now my food gets complicated. I am a vegetarian who also eats a lot of vegan food and prefers not to eat eggs. The vegan entree here is the Plant Based Seafood. Gary was skeptical that I would order this, as someone who has never eaten seafood. It was really my only option, so I went for it.

In short, I pretty much hated this. The ‘scallops’ were rubbery mushrooms. The ‘calamari’ had a weird taste, as did the couscous. I moved it around on my plate and our server knew I didn’t like it. She told me she could get me something else. Yes, I agreed. Something else. This just wasn’t my thing. I belong to a few Facebook groups centered around Disney food, and a lot of people on there have mentioned that they enjoyed this meal. It just wasn’t for me.

What replaced my meal was basically a couple of appetizers. I was brought out a tomato dish. From reading their menu now, I think this was the Heirloom Tomatoes.

I did not eat the white brittle. I wasn’t sure what it was. Underneath it was tomatoes and what looked like peaches, but the menu calls it ‘stone fruit.’

Then what I enjoyed the most from this meal came out. Pan Con Tomate aka Tomato Bread. I LOVED it!

Yep, it’s basically bread and tomatoes. But it was the most wonderful, chewy bread I’ve ever had. I took some of it back with us and I had some (cold) for breakfast the next morning.

So my meal was basically replaced with tomatoes. But I love tomatoes, so nothing wrong with that. If we went back I would honestly just order the Pan Con Tomate as my meal and be perfectly content.

Dessert is included with the dining plan, so of course we indulged.

This was Gary’s ‘Toledo Tapas Bar.’ Each one of those dollops had a different flavor and you’re supposed to eat in as a progression like that. He enjoyed it. I’m sure he would have never spent $12 (current pricing) on it had we not been on the dining plan though.

Mine was the Chocolate-Avocado Mousse.

The mousse is is hidden there under the sorbet. Again, nothing spectacular to me either. I’d rather get an ice cream sundae if we’re doing a proper dessert somewhere. But it’s nice to have a ‘classy’ dessert now and then.

I would go back to Toledo – Tapas, Steak, and Seafood again even with sending my original entree back. I enjoyed everything else. I’d also like to hang out at the Dahlia Lounge too.

We are currently in the planning stages of some 2020 trips, and a proper stay at the Gran Destino Tower is on our short list. I’d also like to hang out in the rest of Coronado Springs to see if I have changed my original ‘meh’ review.

If you’re looking at visiting Walt Disney World in the near future and don’t know where to start, I can help! Message me here or find us on Facebook!

October 17, 2019

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