Our one day at The Flamingo Inn Daytona Beach Shores, Florida

Yep, one day. We aren’t really beach people, but we decided to kick off our trip with a quick stopover at the beach before our jam-packed Walt Disney World vacation began. We wanted somewhere that was a quick drive to get us to Disney the next day, so while scanning a map of Florida I settled on the Daytona Beach area.

The Flamingo Inn was chosen because we didn’t want an expensive place, and the reviews were decent on Trip Advisor. I believe we paid around $65-ish for our off-season midweek stay. No complaints there!

The Flamingo Inn is located about 2 miles south of the Boardwalk area, which is where we drove to that night to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. (We actually thought we were going to Crabby Joe’s, but ended up at Joe’s Crab Shack by mistake. We stayed at Joe’s Crab Shack however,  and it was a lot of fun!)


The Flamingo Inn isn’t very big. There are no oceanfront rooms either. You are viewing the ocean from the side. If you are in your room and you’re standing in the direction of the ocean, your door to get in is on the left side, and your balcony (we were on the 2nd floor) is on the right. If your room is further back you may not see the ocean at all, because you would be closer to the parking lot. I would say we were in the middle of the hotel. The parking lot is rather small too.

There is also a kitchen area. Utensils, pans and the like are included. We didn’t use any, but it’s nice to know that it’s provided for you.

I also thought it was interesting that you get a regular ol’ key. I think in this day and age we’re all used to the cards, so this caught my attention.

And then here’s the bathroom:

This is the balcony. We did not spend any time here because there was a large group hanging out directly below us that night. They weren’t loud or annoying or anything, they were just a group of folks chatting and I felt like I was eavesdropping too much by being out there.

We walked on the beach for a bit and then went into the pool. I absolutely loved this pool. Why? It wasn’t cold. I absolutely totally 100% despise swimming pools that are freezing and I won’t go in them. This one was perfect.

This is the Flamingo Inn from the beach. Remember the address because sometimes these hotels all look alike and it can be hard to find yours again. I wonder why they don’t paint the name of the hotel/resort on the side of the wall there to make it more obvious.

We enjoyed our time exploring Daytona Beach for a day. The Flamingo Inn was a solid choice for our stay. In another post I’ll show photos from walking around the boardwalk and our dinner at Crabby Joe’s  Joe’s Crab Shack. 😉

July 16, 2017

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