Drinks From Our Recent WDW Trip

Drinks from our recent WDW trip

January is usually my least favorite month. The holidays (and in my case, a lot of vacation days from my day job) are over and January is just blah and cold. The cure for this in 2020 was to schedule a nearly 2-week vacation to Florida to get us through most of the month.


Drinks were a splurge for us on this trip. We were not on the dining plan, which allows you an alcoholic drink with your meals, so we had to pay for these. Plus Disney drinks are not cheap. Spend some time at Walt Disney World and when you go back home you’ll be amazed out how inexpensive meals and drinks are by comparison. 😉

Let’s start with Oga’s Cantina at the new Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is truly a bar, but we had to have a dining reservation for it. This was our first time there and when I noticed a long line out front I thought this was a standby line for people without reservations. Nope. It was the reservation line. We checked in and stood in line until someone came to get us to escort us in. We were brought in with two other couples and were told exactly where to stand once inside.


We were at a table between the bar and the booth areas. Honestly I would have preferred the bar area. It was a little awkward coming in with a group of people you don’t know, and now you’re all clustered around a small table. DJ R-3X was near us so that was fun though.

A short video I made:

Onto the drinks!

Alcoholic drinks at Oga's Cantina

Non-alcoholic drinks at Oga's Cantina

We ordered one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic, the Fuzzy Tauntaun and the Cliff Dweller.

Cliff Dweller & Fuzzy Tauntaun Oga's Cantina

I did not keep the Porg glass so it was considerably cheaper than the price listed on the menu. I made sure to tell our server that I did not want the glass.

The drinks themselves though – they were great! I loved the weird numbness feeling of the Fuzzy Tauntaun! It contains something called buzz button that gives you that feeling. The Cliff Dweller, though non-alcoholic, was really good too. We would go back for sure.

Gary with Fuzzy Tauntaun

Staying at Galaxy’s Edge, we also visited the Milk Stand.

Milk Stand Menu

Milk Stand Menu with prices

We ordered the Blue Milk to share, minus the Rum. Here’s Gary’s review:


Now on to our most frequented bar at Walt Disney World, the Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

We go here a lot because we go to Ohana a lot, which is right next door. 🙂

These drinks are probably our favorite on Disney property. Our go-to is the Lapu Lapu (the famous drink in a pineapple) but we’ve also gotten the Backscratcher a few times as well.

We tried the Tiki Ehiku for the first time and I LOVED it!

Tiki Ehiku at Tambu Lounge

This looks like the Tropical Macaw, but I’m almost certain it was a refill of the Lapu Lapu. When you refill it you don’t pay the full price since you aren’t getting another pineapple.

This is the Lapu Lapu with the Backscratcher in the background. And yes, you do get an actual backscratcher with your drink. We have a few around the house now.

I’ll admit, after we shared these 4 drinks I was feeling pretty good.

Our server also suggested we cut up and eat the pineapple from the Lapu Lapu. We’ve had a dozen of these over the years and nobody ever suggested that to us. So what did we do?

We cut that baby up and ate it!

Drinks during our Disney trips are definitely a splurge. We usually bring margarita supplies with us, and maybe a bottle of wine, to save money. But it’s fun to go and have a few drinks out as well. Next on our list (maybe in April for a quick trip we have planned) is La Cava del Tequila in Epcot. Looking forward to it!

February 16, 2020

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