Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

We recently got to spend 6 nights at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Come along for a photo tour! (And a few videos as well.)

Let’s start with the basics.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate resort (Disney’s first) located in the Epcot resort area. The resort has over 2,000 rooms divided into sections named after the islands – Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad, and Aruba. Each of these sections have their own pool and bus stop. (This resort is very spread out.) All of the islands surround the lake Barefoot Bay.

The main hub is called Old Port Royale. This is where you’ll find the food court, a restaurant called Sebastian’s Bistro, a bar called Banana Cabana, the lobby and check-in desk, the main feature pool, and the marina.

We stayed in the Aruba section, near the new (still being built) Disney’s Riviera Resort. The walk to Old Port Royale was maybe 10 minutes. We were the last bus stop to be picked up and dropped off.

This courtyard was right outside our ground floor room. At first I was worried about being on the ground floor. Once at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort we had a ground floor room and I heard every single person who walked by at all hours of the night. Our section of Aruba was mostly quiet.

Also, if you have a refillable resort mug, there is a Coke Freestyle machine in each section as well. This beats schlepping all the way to Old Port Royale for more Coke Zero at the end of the night.

This resort is also one of the homes of the brand new Skyliner – Disney’s new ‘aerial gondolas’ that will connect certain resorts with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The Skyliner was testing while we were there, and it was fun to see them in action. I can’t wait to actually ride in one.

Back to Old Port Royale now.

This is the lobby area. Not as jaw-dropping as some of Disney’s other resorts, but it’s bright and cheery. We visited the front desk/concierge a few times to pay on our room charges. Everyone was super nice, as most cast members are. And I always like the opportunity to chat them up about living in Florida.

Right off the lobby is the food court, Centertown Market. We ate here on our first night and it was really good! They also have mobile ordering for easy pick-up without waiting in line. Here’s a video we made wandering around the food court with our tour guide, Gary. 😉

Outside this area is the Banana Cabana pool bar. Unfortunately we didn’t get to have anything here, but there’s always next time. It definitely looks like an awesome place to hang out.

Right beside Banana Cabana is Sebastian’s Bistro, a sit-down restaurant.

We couldn’t fit this restaurant in either, but there are good reviews for it so it’s on our list for the future.

And if you have a pool bar, you have to have a pool, right? Like I mentioned before, each of the sections have their own pool, but those are ‘leisure’ pools, which is pretty basic. The main pool, with daily activities and slides, is located here. There is also a kids splash pad too.

We chose to use the main pool instead of one of the leisure pools. We had to test out the slide, of course. We used the bigger slide, but there is a smaller slide that was popular with kids. (I saw a few adults use it as well.) There was a cast member playing games with a few kids beside the pool area.

There is a sign posted to tell you about the various activities, including which Disney movie will be showing on ‘Movies Under the Stars.’

Finally, let’s actually check out our room!

Like I mentioned before, this is in the Aruba section. If you picture Caribbean Beach Resort to be U-shaped, Aruba is at one end. At the top of the U is new Riviera resort. The photo below was taken at the beach near our room in Aruba, where you can see the new Riviera Resort.

Anyway, our review of the room?

Not our favorite. The beds were comfy, but we weren’t fans of the bathroom.

My first complaint was that the bathroom is completely in one room. Okay, that’s how it works at home, but at most other Disney resorts, the sink is in an open area separate from the bathroom. And I’m used to a full-size mirror on the door too.

I was also not a fan of the toilet being right there as soon as you open the door, so the person occupying the bed nearest the bathroom is only a few feet away. But that’s probably just me. 😉

And it probably took me 3 days to figure out how to operate the shower.

Too many knobs and gizmos for me to figure out. I could never get the water temperature right.

Below the TV is a ledge that we put some stuff on during our days there. What we didn’t realize was there was a gap between it and the wall and we thought we lost something in the gap. Once it’s down there you can’t get it back. We saw a sock from some other family down there. Just a design flaw.

Overall we really enjoyed our first stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. We definitely felt that tropical, hell yeah we’re on vacation vibe. And while the room wasn’t my favorite on Disney property, I would still stay here again. (I think I finally figured out that shower!)

September 14, 2019

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