Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort – Video & Photo Tour

After we fell in love with Gran Destino Tower after visiting last year, we made a plan to stay there soon. And we did! See our video and photos from our 2-night stay here in January 2020.


Here is a video, with Gary as our host, walking around Gran Destino and the rest of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


The day we checked in we had arrived in the early afternoon but our room was not ready yet. We had plans to be away from Disney property all day so I waited for a text with our room number that never came. I checked the My Disney Experience app and eventually saw a room number, but later  it disappeared. I couldn’t remember what the number was, so we would have to stop at the front desk to ask when we got back there that night.

The whole situation was extremely annoying. Our Magic Bands weren’t working, the lines to talk to the front desk were really long, the cast member tried to tell me that Gary was using one of my Magic Bands (completely not true), and I was exhausted and just wanted to get to our room. And to top it off,  I was shorted a burrito I had ordered at the Taco Bell drive-thru that I had planned to eat when we finally got settled. 😕

The room was nice. I wasn’t absolutely blown away, but it was fine. We had a really great view of the resort the next day.

When you check in they give you some information about the resort and its activities. I would have loved to have done the Sangria University, but it was at a time we couldn’t make unfortunately. There are always a ton of activities to do at all of the Disney resorts, such as painting, fun runs, and outdoor movies under the stars.

I’ve seen bloggers and youtubers mention the unique elevators. Really the only difference is is that you choose your floor that you want before you get in the elevator, and then it tells you which elevator to get in that will take you to that floor.

We went to the gift shop, Panchito’s, and I took photos of the resort-specific merchandise.

We had dinner one night at El Mercado de Coronado, the food court at the resort.

There are various stations to order from, and we chose the Beyond Burger from the Grill station to split, along with an extra order of fries.

Those fries were delicious! Super crispy (fries have to be crispy, right?) with a nice seasoning on them. The Beyond Burger was pretty good too.

Another thing I really liked was this assortment of sauces on the tables. We enjoyed dipping our fries into each of these flavors.

Across from the food court is Rix Lounge, a sports bar/restaurant that I’m sure is popular with conventioneers. It was moderately busy when we were there.

Down the hall is Maya Grill, a Mexican restaurant. We’ve never eaten there. It’s on the list though!

Now let’s check out more of the resort outside.

Even more restaurants and bars to choose from! This resort has a lot to offer. Hey – here is where you go for Sangria University!

As we wandered around we found the main pool at the Dig Site, which is where all the fun outdoor recreational activities are located.

After our nighttime tour we headed back to Gran Destino to have drinks at the Dahlia Lounge.

And I had to order the Valdeón Blue Cheese Pintxo for us again. We had these at Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood last year and you can order them at the Dahlia Lounge as well.

You probably can’t tell, but it is plated on a flattened wine bottle which I thought was very cool.

Before I close this post, here are a few more photos from the resort.

The above photo is the old check-in area of Disney’s Coronado Springs before they moved it to Gran Destino.

So this was our second stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs. It is a beautiful resort with a lot of amenities. However, it is not our favorite moderate resort at Walt Disney World. Our favorite moderate resort is Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, and I may put Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as my second favorite. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is an amazing resort in its own right, but since we have the option of so many other great resorts in the same area, there are others I’d rather stay at than Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


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April 2, 2020

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