Beignet Dash at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

2017 was our year of races – we ran two of the Star Wars Dark Side races at Walt Disney World in April, participated in a 5K “Goat Gallop” in a tiny town in West Virginia in June (yep, we hung out with goats after), got to high-five Mario freakin’ Lemieux at the Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6K and Family Walk in October, and finally in November we ran a really fun race at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort called the “Beignet Dash.”  


Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is probably our favorite resort (so far). This was our second stay here.

There are two Port Orleans resorts – French Quarter and Riverside. We’ve also stayed at Riverside and love it (and it’s food court, which we prefer to French Quarter’s so we walk over there to eat). We love the theme of the these resorts. We visit even when we aren’t staying here.

Each Sunday at French Quarter the cast members set up the Beignet Dash Fun Run. It is open to anybody who wants to participate, but is most convenient for those staying at French Quarter and Riverside. We had a voicemail from the resort telling us about the race the day before.

The sign says check-in is at 7:30am with the race starting at 8am. We woke up at 6:45am since we were just a few buildings away. The cost is $15 plus tax (at the time we did this race – November 2017.) This was the waiver table where we had to sign a form, as you do for most races.

There were cast members around explaining the course and how it works. We would estimate about 25-30 people participated on this day.

I took photos of the course map. You start near the main pool area, along the Sassagoula River. Heading toward Riverside you turn at the food court and run along the Alligator Bayou and then the Magnolia Bend sections of Riverside before joining the original path again.


We were given a little bottle of water before the race and I ran with it in my hand. We looked professional with our race bibs but I know we confused some people (especially families at Riverside on their way to breakfast) who had no idea there was a race at the resort that morning.

On the course look for these signs, and friendly cast members who will cheer you on.

The entire race was less than 2 miles. Don’t worry about being fast since it isn’t timed. I was towards the back of the finishers and it didn’t bother me at all.

At the finish line we were given our plastic medal, a pin, and two Mardi Gras necklaces in a little pouch. Our bibs had the voucher for our 3 beignets each.

We were told to say “beignets!” which explains our weird expressions. 😉

And then we headed straight to the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory food court for our beignets. (The cast member put both of our beignets on one plate.)

Word of caution: the purple paint from the necklace the medal was on got all over my neck. I’m not sure what happened because Gary didn’t have that problem. But just an FYI.

Overall the race was a lot of fun. We enjoy doing the little ‘extras’ on our trips and we couldn’t pass this up since it was in our own backyard.

March 26, 2018

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